Frank's Cranks. . .


String winding cranks with colored handles:

Available at GRYPHON, in the "Accessories" section of the Web site.

I really do make every part of these myself from raw materials in my "spare time,"

So they will continue to be limited in numbers. . .


I call them “bench tools” because they are very solid and reliable, ready for hard daily use. 

They are the current version of the string winder crank I've been making for a while - we use all three sizes at Gryphon:

Large - to fit Grover Rotomatic, full size Schaller, most classical, and other “standard” large guitar tuner buttons.

This the "universal" size one, for general use, and it works better than any conventional string winder on almost any instrument.

(It won't fit really big tuner buttons that are over 7/8” wide, such as the Grover Imperial, or most banjo peg buttons.)

Medium – for Waverly and Grover “butter bean” tuner buttons, and other smaller sizes, including mandolin.

Small – specifically for mandolin, particularly important for avoiding damage to the “F” style peghead why not check here.

These tuners fit the rather closely, and that's an important part of their utility. If you'd like more information, please call me at the shop: 650-493-2131