"Super Mario" drops by Gryphon with the
San Franciscan
© Frank Ford, 11/4/98; Photos by FF, 11/4/98

Mario Martello dropped in today with his most recent creation. As a professional guitar repairman, he's made his living fixing things, and only occasionally does he actually build an instrument.

"Well, John D'Angelico, he had the New Yorker, so I figured it was time for Mario to have the San Franciscan," says Mario as he lifts the guitar up for us to see:

Mario built his first guitars, also archtops, in Argentina just about 50 years ago. He tells me this is the first archtop jazz guitar he's made since he moved to the San Francisco area in 1960.

The peghead has classic lines:

And of course, the famous landmark:

Even the back of the peghead is worth a look:

His "signature"

Mario designed and made just about everything on this guitar:

Here's his special adjustable bridge. He tells me that the top has better contact to the base through the adjusting wedges than the usual adjustable bridge with its screw posts.

Last but not least, he designed and made the tailpiece with a little touch of home, the pan pipes:

Good show, Mario!

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