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I snapped this picture as I walked by:

It's the amazing inflatable guitar, which is now available as a production instrument. If you'd like to know more about the Chrysalis Guitar, drop by their website at

A cool inlay on a cutaway guitar by James Goodall:

Stylin' with a yellow case, it's Al Williams:

Al makes the famous Calton case, our favorite defense to the destructive urges of baggage handlers.

Richard looks over the new Tippin guitars:

Bruce Weber manufactures the mandolins that carry his name:

His small company, Sound to Earth, in Montana, makes some of the best mandolins around.

He tells us he's "big in Japan." Developer and marketer of the "Fluke," Jumpin' Jim Beloff is always ready to show off:

Bill Collings has a surprise for us:

The Collings mandolin.

Barry Hunn of Deering Banjos is holding their latest:

It's a resonator version of their "Goodtime Banjo," the best starter banjo made in the U.S.

My last stop was with Ray and Sue Moores, the founders of Dusty Strings:

They started out as manufacturers of hammered dulcimers, but now are best known for their fine Celtic harps. Dusty Strings is very much the center of folklife in Seattle, and also operates a fine retail shop.


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