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Tom Ribbecke inspects one of Rick's antique hand tools:

Check out this bronze baby:

This is the heaviest old smoothing plane I've ever held!

Rick's grandfather had been a professional woodworker, and Rick is lucky enough to have some of his old tools, including the planes above, and a nice assortment of specialized chisels:

Those old chisels were the inspiration for Rick to design a few of his own:

He's had them made by a Vermont toolmaker, and they are extra cool!

Another project in progress:

It's a CD display shelving unit made from a guitar body "that didn't work out."

While the rest of the board was hanging around the kitchen munching goodies, Dan Erlewine stayed in the living room with a couple of Running Dogs:

In Dan's hands, this fingerstyle cutaway proved to be a fine blues machine.

About 50 yards from Rick's front door, the gang congregated in his new shop:

Later, the shop will have a door. And walls, and all that other stuff!


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