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Just look at the inside of the case:

Yeah, let's have a close-up:

They're sheet metal screws and they go all around the inside of both top and bottom of the case.

Yet the guitar survives being carried in this medieval torture device!

The most amazing part is that the screws just miss the body of the guitar, which is held away by the generous padding of the sides. Scary as it looks inside, this case repair actually works!

Banjo String Extender

Every so often you break a string and don't have a spare. The owner of this banjo, a circa 1900 Fairbanks Electric #5, came up with a simple answer. Just tie it. Well, not having enough string, he simply tied it to a paper clip and wound the clip right up onto the tuning peg:

The ingenuity isn't so amazing, really. I'm more surprised that the bone peg was able to stand the strain of winding and tuning. What a way to treat an elegant banjo in the $5,000 class!

Remember this bright idea?

It's the nearly amazing EL FOLK guitar from the late 70s

When the sales rep came to our shop to demo this item, we became hysterical. He almost dropped his choppers when we actually ordered one.

EL FOLK (electric, folk) guitar combines the disadvantages of the worlds cheapest acoustic and the worst electronics all in one delightful package.

You should hear this thing wheeze!

A fitting item for the Gryphon Sideshow, I think.

Beware Falling Drunks!

Here's what happened when an unstable fellow stumbled and fell on the face of a guitar. He broke his fall and the guitar when his outstretched hand hit the bridge and drove it clean through the top:

Yow! Look at the inside:

Everything that could break was broke!
Notice that this is a laminated top, which broke all around the bridge. If it had been a solid top, chances are the damage would have been severe, but probably much more easily repaired because the breaks would not have gone across the grain. I recommended not to fix this one, by the way.

Makes sense to me. . .

This one is a bit to reasonable to be part of the sideshow, but then, what the heck, I had to put it somewhere. Here's a fellow who plays on the street with a customized case that tells its own story!



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