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Flat Top, Flattop (steel string guitar, not haircut)
Flat Top
© Frank Ford, 10/14/98 Photos by FF

Here are some flattops:

In contrast to the
archtop guitar, the flattop has just that, a top that's flat.

The flat top steel string guitar is the most ubiquitous popular (non-classical) style guitar.

Classical guitars have flat tops as well, but are never called "flattop" because there are no archtop classicals.

Nashville types frequently use the vernacular "flattop" to mean " flat top guitar" or folk style guitar. They're the same fellows who use terms like "D-box" to refer to the dreadnought style guitar, or "bone" to mean herringbone trimmed prewar Martin D-28.

"C'mon, boy, pick that ol' flattop!"

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