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A classic decorative element
© Frank Ford, 9/6/98 Photos by FF

Whether it's a tweed jacket or a brick patio, the herringbone pattern is all over the place.

It's so synonymous with the Martin guitar design that some folks think Martin invented the pattern. Martin is an old company but they came along a few thousand years too late for that one!

Martin has traditionally used the herringbone wood marquetry as purfling around the face of style "28" instruments. Here it enhances the beauty of a koa top and sides of a 1927 Martin 0-28K:

You just can't beat a classic like this one!

And, yes, it does look a little like a fish skeleton. . .

The pre-World War II Martin D-28 is so popular and desirable, it has become known in Bluegrass circles simply as a "herringbone," or even just a "bone."

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