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It's a classic
Spanish Heel
© Frank Ford, 10/8/98 Photos by FF

Well, it IS a classic. The "Spanish heel" is a construction feature most commonly associated with Spanish made classical guitars. In this style of construction, the neck is notched at the heel to receive the sides, and the body is built around the neck and side assembly. The result is a very solid neck mounting, because the entire body is built around the end of the neck. In fact, it would be the ideal method of construction, if the neck never needed to be removed!

From the outside, the heel of the neck gives no clue as to the method of attachment:

But inside, instead of a neck block, we see the end grain of the neck itself:

And a little "foot" portion of the end of the neck, resting on the back of the guitar. This foot is said to stabilize the neck angle. I think it looks a bit more like a "Spanish toe" sticking inside the guitar with the "heel" on the outside. . .

Some folks call it the "Spanish boot."

The only way to remove a neck like this is to saw it off! Check out my article on
resetting a B. C. Rich guitar neck, where I do just that.

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