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Gluing Loose Chips
© Frank Ford, 3/3/00; Photos by FF

Check out this little trap door:

It's a typical chip pulled up when the fret was extracted. It sits there in place, just waiting to be touched so it can jump off and land on the floor with all that other sawdust!

Before doing anything else, I reach for my thin viscosity cyanoacrylate and drip a single drop at the edge of the chip:

See, the chip is immediately flooded underneath with nice fresh cyanoacrylate:

Here's the trick. Right away, I spray my palette knife blade with cyanoacrylate accelerator:

While the accelerator is still wet, I smash the chip down, and "iron" it in place, moving the in a small arc, to avoid having it stick to the fingerboard:

It looks messy after I remove the palette knife:

But after the fingerboard is leveled and sanded, the chip is invisible and strong:

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