From ketchup to peanut butter
Thickened Epoxy
© Frank Ford, 4/29/00; Photos by FF, 2000

I really like this West System epoxy. It's really strong, it works well, and it's convenient:

With my small pump kit, I can get the proper 5:1 mix easily every time.

As mixed, it's runny, and flows well over surfaces and into joints:

West System also packages this thickening agent:

It's powdered silica that's so finely divided that the particles are measured in Angstroms!

The stuff is incredibly light and fluffy.

This full quart has a net weight of less than 2 ounces!

When thickened, epoxy is commonly described in terms of food!

In a photo above, you'll see the ketchup thick version in the lower right corner.

Here's some mayonnaise:

Ketchup runs, but mayo is thick enough to flow a bit and stay put on a surface.

Peanut butter will not only stay where you put it, but it can also hold lightweight structural elements in place without clamping:

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