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Working quickly, using my
no-glue-pot hide glue method, I brush glue onto both surfaces:

Gotta move fast with hide glue!

I squish the bridge down onto the top and slide it until it just touches the tape. Hot hide glue has a really good initial "tack" so it doesn't tend to slide around as I apply the big clamp to the center:

I add my smaller clamps to the ends:

These clamps bear nicely on the aluminum caul beneath, and the little cauls on top even out the pressure.

I want to see a nice squeeze-out of liquid, not gelled, hide glue:

The hide glue cleans up easily with some of the warm water left in my beaker:

I always leave the bridge clamped overnight at least, and longer if the workroom is particularly cold in the winter. Just a touch with my bridge pin reamer is all it takes to clean the dried glue out of the bridge pin holes:

All done, and ready to rock!


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