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I have another opportunity to take advantage of the reciprocal oscillating action of the bone saw, using a blade with a section broken off:

Would you look at that! I can cut literally right up to the fingerboard and all the way into the truss rod.

Here's a view of the neck, now off the body, and the bone saw in cutting position:

Is that cool, or what? The blades are cheap enough to be expendable; hitting the truss rod is tough on them.

Now the neck and body are separated very neatly, and I only shortened the neck by the saw kerf, around 0.010:

The steel shim stock protected the finish, so I didn't even scratch it.

The heel is cut cleanly, and fits right back on the body:

You can see slight scorch marks where the blade overheated while cutting so deeply into the heel. All in all, though, I have no complaints.

Now, on to remounting the neck.



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