I can't believe I never thought of this one
Dry Pigment Storage Box
© Frank Ford, 3/23/99; Photos by FF, 3/17/99

For years and years, I kept my dry stains and pigments in their original containers (I buy the 1-lb. size that lasts two lifetimes) and struggled with the lids, spilled and used more than I needed for small touchup jobs.

As I met other repair guys, I noticed that some of them kept their stains in little open trays the way an artist might keep watercolors, ready for use.

Finally, I made myself a little "color sorting block" and it really transformed my use of pigments.

I happened to have a bunch of white Corian around the shop, so I laminated up a thick block and drilled it full of 1" diameter holes. Now, I have a block with all my colors right at hand:

I just keep it in a cardboard box with my better palette knives and tiny brushes.

I got one of those little plastic palette knives, and heat bent the end of it so I have a little dipper:

If I spill some of one color into another, I can just suck out the mess with the crevice tool on my shop vac, and refill the well with some new pigment. I find my color matching has improved because I have all the colors right at hand and it's easier to visualize, reach and use a better variety of pigments to get the blend I need.

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