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Thanks, that helps!

OK, now the stuff is cured and it really looks weird, sticking out all over:

All I have left to do is to trim the squeezed out mess so the handle has the grip I want without a lot of stuff I don't need:

Here's the result:

A handle that fits my hand perfectly and took almost no time to make! This is a new one for me and I'll see how I like it. If I don't like it I can just cut the Quick Carve off and start over or go back to the stock handle.

Here's the same kind of handle on a tool I really do use. When I refret an old Martin guitar with "bar" frets I have a LOT of aggressive filing to do. I really had trouble hanging on through the operation until I made this handle. I just epoxied a hardwood "spine" onto the back side of this double-cut mill file and used the Quick Carve technique to form the handle. I sprayed the whole thing battleship gray so it would show up well in this photo:

It fits so well, I swear I could grip this file all day and not get tired!

There's a socket for my thumb on this side and perfect recesses for all my fingers on the backside. If you're losing your grip you have to try this handle technique!


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