What's WRONG with
Hardshell Cases?
© Frank Ford, 9/30/98; Photos by FF, 9/30/98


Except that they're not as well fitted and formed as they were in the old days.

Seems like everyone has a gripe about the new standard hardshell cases. Only thing is, though, that they are less expensive than the old timers were (once you adjust for inflation of the last 50 years or so.)

Standard hardshell cases are made of molded plywood covered with simulated imitation faux vinyl leather kind of stuff:

Actually it's this covering that holds the whole thing together:

After years of hard travel, the covering scuffs off the edges, and the case simply falls apart:

So a standard hardshell case dies of years on the road, but doesn't deteriorate at all if it's jsut sitting around. . .

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