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Notice how I'm holding a little tension on the string with my right hand as I pull the loop tight against the roller with my left:

Now all you have to do is wind up the string and tune it:

Once the string is tuned to pitch, you can snip off the loose ends at the bridge and at the tuner roller:

The slippery treble strings require a bit more care to keep them tight, but the technique is substantially the same.

You can insert the string either way through the holes in the bridge:

This time, though, you'll want to loop the string under itself twice:

Make sure that the free end passes under the string below the corner of the bridge when you pull it tight! They always come loose if you don't keep one loop below the corner.

If you are using a set that includes the new carbon composite treble strings, you might want to add an extra turn, because the composite trebles are even more likely to slip than standard nylon.



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