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Update: 7/14/10

Well, for one thing, it's GROWING. I lucked into the world's best URL, and started writing these articles on Feb. 18, 1998. As of today, Bastille Day 2010, the site comprises 1,930 HTML pages with 20,873 photographs. I try to add material every week, so come back often.

It's built like a textbook, with an index to articles. With only a few exceptions, I do all the repair and restoration, and take all the photographs. Also, I write all the material, and compose the web pages using Macromedia Dreamweaver.

I serve FRETS.COM from my own computer, a Macintosh G5, using the OS X server software and DSL for my full time connection.

As long as I can afford to, I'll keep this a free site! I have no commercial interest in the repair tools and products I recommend. They're simply the things I use.

From Time to time I'll remind you to visit my real home, Gryphon Stringed Instruments

Remember, the service-oriented shops like Gryphon are typically a real part of your local music community. Please support the shops that support you!

I'll keep the writing style loose and casual, if not downright sloppy, so you'll have to excuse the occasional shift of tense and person. I do appreciate you informing me of any errors or typos!


I'll be concentrating on setup, adjustments and diagnosis that players of all instruments should find interesting. I find it easier to write lutherie articles, so that's where I started, but I'll be working hard on more items of the "maintain your own instrument" variety.

I'm a mandolin player, so I'm certain this will not be just a guitar site. Musicians may enjoy reading some of the luthier items to get a view of the mysterious procedures involved in servicing their instruments.


Thanks for dropping by,

Frank Ford
Gryphon Stringed Instruments
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Remember Frets Magazine? Lots of us do. It was the acoustic fretted instrument interest magazine by G.P.I., publisher of Guitar Player, Bass Player, and Keyboard. For reasons unknown to me, Frets Magazine ceased publication in mid 1989, a little over ten years after its birth, leaving a distinct void in the magazine world.