The Kitchen Hero. . .
UHMW Poly Cutting Board
© Frank Ford 2009; Photos by FF


A few years ago, I made this simple but heavy cutting board - it's a 2" thick slab of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). I decided I'd pretty much had it with the bendy little plastic cutting boards, because we like to plop the board down, spanning one of the sections of the sink:



I milled the underside of the board so it would fit the sink fairly tightly, and ran the rabbet around the front and back so the board wouldn't look as thick as it actually is from the front:


The best part of this board is its thickness. Now, any time I want to clean it up, I can simply fly cut the the surface to take off knife marks and stains:


A quick pass with my big fly cutter, and I have a clean and shiny white surface - a new cutting board:

Makes a good impression on the Kitchen Boss, who never questions my home shop machining activities. . .



Stains come off the underside, too, with a few strokes of a regular paing scraper:


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