A less-than-finest-hour
Mitutoyo Snap Caliper
© Frank Ford 2010; Photos by FF

Check it out - my latest impulse buy from EBAY:

Yep, it's a vintage Mitutoyo product in its original packaging. Says right there on the header - it's a combination roll-up rule, and "vernier." Now, lots of folks misuse the term, and it looks like the translator of this one substituted "vernier" for "caliper," because it has no vernier graduations on any part of it.


Here are the instructions for use:

My favorite part is the "handy to carry" bit. Wow - you can just stick it in your pocket!



Loaded with features, you bet:



Here's the little beauty in person, all rolled up for a pocket trip around the shop:

By the way, what appears to be a set of markings on the blue slider is really just a reflection of the yellow scale in the photo.



And, unrolled, ready to get to work:


As I said on the index page, it's just for fun. . .


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