Brush - Counter - Brush
© Frank Ford 2004; Photos by FF

Here's my regular synthetic bristle "counter brush:"

I've used it for years to brush sawdust off my bench, saws, etc.

But when I tried using it on metal machining tools, I was greeted with an incredible pileup of chips and oil which really wanted to stick on the bristles of my brush.

So, I gave it a haircut. I trimmed all the "flagged" ends with a nice sharp scissors, and, while I was at it, shortened the stack a bit:


Now, my brush digs in aggressively to clear chips without actually picking them up:


It even digs right into the accordion bellows:

Every so often I squirt on a bit of kerosene and give it a few seconds of ninety pound air blast:

That completely cleans the brush of both oil and chips. Actually, I step outside for this operation, but it was dark when I decided to take these photos. . .

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