Cutting Oil Bottle
© Frank Ford 2004; Photos by FF

For some time now, I've alternated between dripping cutting fluid from a squeeze bottle and dipping from a can with an acid brush. This morning, I hit on the obvious solution (pun intended).

So, I cut off my acid brush handle, and jammed it right onto the snout of my squeeze bottle:


The cutting oil flows into the tubular rolled sheet matal handle, oozes out through the lengthwise split, and runs down over brush bristles for perfect distribution directly on my rotating part:

And, when the brush gets caught in the works, or boogered by heat, I can simply replace it for a total cost of about seven cents.

For parting off, I find it really helps to get the oil right down onto the cut rather than have it spinning off everywhere, so I stuck a regular hypodermic needle onto the end of my other cutting oil bottle spout:

The steel needle resists the heat of cutting, and delivers the oil precisely so I waste much less, and get it right where I need it.

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