Drawer Organizer
© Frank Ford 2060; Photos by FF

I like having my tool drawers organized as much as the next guy, but I resent the amount of time it can take to sort everything out neatly.  So I've worked out this little routine.  I lay my tools on a piece of 3/4" plywood cut to fit the drawer, draw around the tools and mill out recesses for them.  I don't spend a lot of time getting everything aligned perfectly, and I don't try to plan out spaces for every little item.  Instead, I work from all four sides until I have an odd shaped place in the center that doesn't seem to fit much of anything.

Here's the tricky bit.  I simply mill slots of varying sizes and lengths in that area without regard to what will go there:


Here's my drawer insert, with the tools I had planned to accommodate, and the random empty slots:

Before long, small items find their way into those slots, and, to the casual observer it looks as though I'd planned everything:

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