Tram Time?
© Frank Ford 2006; Photos by FF

The time to tram is NOW. I was making a new extra big multiple tool holder, and had just made a pass with a 3-inch fly cutter over its bottom. It looks pretty flat, and I can see that familiar pattern of circular tool marks:

But those arcs are all facing the same direction, indicating that the tool was cutting only on the left side. So I can see that my mill head is out of tram, and by checking the tool marks, I can even tell which way it's leaning.


A few minutes' work with wrench and indicator, and I have my head back in tram. Now, look at those nice tool marks:

That distinctive moire pattern produced by intersecting arcs tells me I have my head on straight once again. I learned this useful little bit of observation at a guitar makers convention the year I bought my first milling machine.

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