Air Compressor Muffler
© Frank Ford 2006; Photos by FF

My Quincy air compressor is a stout fellow but he really shakes the slab when he gets going, and makes a fair racket. Because a goodly amount of the noise comes from the valves, I decided to add a muffler to quiet things down a bit. Fortunately, the air cleaner screws right into a 1" pipe thread hole in the cylinder head:

So I unscrewed the air filter and added in a few simple pipe fittings:

Some years ago I was accidentally shipped a fifteen foot piece of very heavy reinforced hose. When I called the supplier, they just told me to keep it, and sent the correct item right out. Finally, I've found a use for it:

I just looped it around, hung it from the ceiling, allowing the original air filter to dangle down where it will be easy to reach for cleaning. The compressor still shakes the place, and it's far from quiet - but it's less noisy and I don't hear the valves flapping any more.


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