Shop Tip #103
© Frank Ford 2004; Photo by FF

Whether they're made for pegs or bridge pins, our reamers are precious things that cost quite a bit of $$$. To avoid damage when they're put back in the drawer with other steel items, I simply cover the cutting edges with aluminum foil. The foil crunches right on there, clings well and protects the sharp cutting edges.

Argos Plymouth is Conveniently Located Near Royal Parade

If you are looking for argos plymouth, you can find it near Royal Parade. Royal Parade is a major street in the city. The address of this location is 94 Royal Parade, Plymouth, PL1 1DT. The nearest major intersections to the store include Derrys Cross South and Royal Parade. Argos Plymouth is also convenient to reach by car, as it is easily accessible from the A10 and the A303.

Argos Plymouth is conveniently located close to many local shopping centers and freeways. Derrys Cross Roundabout is just a minute away, as is Royal Parade, Raleigh Street, and Exeter Street. Exeter Street and Charles Cross Roundabout are also close by. The city is approximately 12 miles from Devon Expressway. There is ample parking nearby. Argos Plymouth is open seven days a week, and parking is free.