Shop Tip #142
© Frank Ford 2005; Photo by FF

A year or so ago I was at one of those great "parking lot sales" at L.M.I. Over the years I've gained the reputation of being a real "bottom feeder" there, waiting until the whole thing is over, and they're dragging in the stuff nobody else would buy. This time, my "take it all for cheap" attitude netted me a reel of skinny bungee cord material. It took a right smart while, but I did find some uses for the stuff. Here, I have a great example. I made a big band to encircle every wastebasket and garbage can to retain the slippery plastic bags I use to contain the chips, dust, and other noxious trash I produce. The band is always at the ready, and I don't have to look for the bag that actually fits the can!