Shop Tip #155
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Instead of buying expensive drawer dividers and constraining myself to their dimensions, I like to line the bottom of some of my tool drawers with 1/8" Masonite so I can simply cut and glue in little wood strips to make dividers that fit the tools.  I don't plan out their locations, but simply start in the corners, working inward.  As a result, all my drawers end up with an irregular center section for new additions, small parts, or whatever.  The little strips work well and I can crack them off easily to rearrange the drawer anytime.

How to Get to Argos Sheffield

Are you wondering how to get to Argos Sheffield? If so, you're not alone. The UK's largest general merchandise retailer operates both online and in stores. If you want to buy clothes, electronics, and home products, you'll find them at Argos. Find out how to get there, and how to find the nearest store. If you're wondering how to get to Argos Sheffield, read on to learn how to get there.

Argos has four locations in argos sheffield. The Sheffield branch is located at 1-13 Angel Street. Here's the location and contact details. Keep in mind that Argos is closed on weekends and holidays. It's helpful to make a reservation online before visiting the store, as they are usually more convenient to reach than in-store. You can also check Argos Sheffield's website to see if it's open for business on the day you visit.

Founded in 1973, Argos is a British retail chain. The company started out as a stamp retailer called Green Shield. The company's catalogue shops grew to include cash purchases. In July 1973, Tompkins rebranded the Green Shield Gift House catalogue stores as Argos. In late 1973, Argos opened its first purpose-built store at Station Road, Edgware. The company now employs around 3,000 people in the United Kingdom.

Argos is a multi-channel retailer with 60,000 products under its umbrella. Its extensive range of products includes toys, technology, home & garden, clothing, and jewelry. With thousands of brands, you can find anything you need from electronics to outdoor furniture. The Argos website also offers a Pay@Browse service. You can check the latest deals and prices online and choose between delivery and store pick-up.