Shop Tip #244
© Frank Ford 2006; Photo by FF

A sand bag or two can be mighty handy around the shop.  Filled with sand, light gravel, or shot, these bags provide versatile ballast for all kinds of uses.  Here I have one hanging from my tripod for stability, and another on the bench to protect the back of a guitar neck as I work on it:

Argos London - Everything You Need to Know

When you think of Argos, what comes to mind? The store that offers everything under the sun? Or perhaps you're thinking of the British supermarket chain, which is home to over 1,200 stores. In the UK, there are over 600 standalone Argos stores and 300 store-in-shops within Sainsbury's. Whatever the case, this British chain has something for everyone. In the 21st century, a modern store is more than just a cluttered shelves. Argos aims to become a digital leader, and embraces changing shopping habits and sector-transforming technology.

This autumn, argos london will debut its new homeware collection in their first ever pop-up store on Oxford Street. During the store's opening on 14 September, shoppers can come and browse the new collection before they purchase. The shop will also feature interactive workshops where customers can dye cushions, paint plates, and make terrariums. These workshops are also designed to teach consumers how to take the perfect shelfie, and help them make the most of their new homeware purchases.

Argos is committed to making its stores and brand as inclusive as possible. While many customers prefer to buy online, some people are hesitant to do so. The London store offers free delivery on orders over £100. Argos has an excellent reputation for being one of the largest British retailers, and it's no surprise that it is an international phenomenon. The company has partnered with a range of charities over the years, from the British Heart Foundation to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

I make these bags from old trouser legs.  Not being in the mood to sew much of anything, I just roll three turns on the end of the cut pant leg, bang in a row of grommets, fill the leg with sand, and repeat the grommets on the other end. Simple, quick and easy.