Shop Tip #255
© Frank Ford 2006; Photo by FF

Way over in the corner there's this skinny little guy staring at me.  It's my camera on its folded tripod, and it's ready anytime I need it.  I can't even begin to tell you how important it is for me to have my camera at the ready for recording process steps, disassembly of complex mechanisms and all the stuff I do for magazines and the Web. The big deal is it must be truly ready, so the lens cap is off, and the tripod is set at full height. I can take pictures with no delay and almost no lost time.  Being digital, the shots are free, too.  Photograph your work as you go, and you'll get better at doing the work itself, because  you have to think about the steps you take and what somebody else will think if they see the pictures.  Trust me - it really works!