Air Turbine Tool Post Grinder
© Frank Ford 2009; Photos by FF


Here's my slimple little tool post grinder for internal grinding. It's a 40,000 RPM air turbine I originally used in a duplicating carver for woodworking - now I have it mounted on an aluminum plate and Delrin blocks so it can be clamped in a lathe tool holder:


As you can see, the Delrin blocks are relieved to hold the on/off handle down in the "on" postiion:


Lined up on the lathe's rotational axis:



Approaching the chuck, getting ready to true up the internal surfaces of the jaws:


Grinding away, with little sparks a-flying:

I'm always careful not to tax the turbine's bearings by trying to grind too aggessively, and so far this little tool has performed very well for me.


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