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Flush Cut Slitting Saw
© Frank Ford 2010; Photos by FF

This is a tool I made a couple of years ago, after I determined I had a use for a slitting saw that would cut completely flush to a surface. I made up the arbor to fit the saw blade, and then drilled and countersunk three retaining screws to hold the blade:



Here's how I use it on the mill - for undercutting the T-shape truss rod on Martin guitars when resetting the neck:


As you can see, it cuts the top of the truss rod away without scarring the underside of the fingerboard:

By cutting the truss rod in this manner, I make the fingerboard flexible at the 14th fret, allowing me to tip the neck back to the new angle without having the 15th fret rise and cause a slight hump in that area.


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