Tap Holder Extenders
© Frank Ford 2005; Photos by FF

A few years ago I bought a set of these hand tap holders for use on the lathe. They're really easy to use and keep taps nicely aligned for many uses with the little receptacle held in the tail stock chuck.

But, to use them, I was always cranking the tail stock in and out, and wished I had an extra hand or two.

So I set my taper attachment and made a new holder along with some extensions to screw on the back of the tap holders:


Little shop fixtures can make life more fun:

Now, I have room to move in, tap my part, back up the tap, take the part out, stick a new one in the collet and repeat the operation.


Here's how I use the same tool in my mill:

I just stick a 1/2" collet in the quill without even connecting it to the draw bar, and let it ride up and down as I tap away.

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