Soda Glazed Pottery
by Joy Imai


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Joy Imai  - 2017



Friday, December 1 through Sunday, December 3   10: AM -5:00 PM:

Artifactory Holiday Fair at the Lou Henry Hoover House, Palo Alto, CA


December 12, 13 : Christmas Market at Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park, CA


About my Soda Glazed Pottery:

Soda glazed pottery is closely related to the salt glazed pottery that German settlers brought to this country 300 years ago.

I spray a solution of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and water into a hot (2300 degrees F.) kiln, and the high heat causes the solution to break down into sodium vapor and carbon dioxide.  The sodium vapor combines with elements in the clay and forms a “orange peel” textured glaze on the surface.  The vapors follow the flame circulation in the kiln and “flashing” occurs on the pots.  The results are always surprising!  I like the unique way the firing process is recorded on each pot.

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About Me:

I’ve been a full time potter for more than 35 years and have been working with soda firing for the last three years. After years of doing raku pottery, it’s great to be back making functional high-fired pottery again, and doing something new, too.

I incorporate a lot of what I see in my garden as I paint leaves, flowers, grasses, birds and fish on my pots.  My studio is in a garden setting at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, where I’ve been in residence for the last 20 years.

I’m also a 17 year veteran of the Association of Clay and Glass in California.

Please come to my studio in Menlo Park at Allied Arts Guild.

The renovation of the Guild is complete and the shops are open with regular business hours. Call me at 650-321-8188 for directions.


Special Handling Pottery
at Allied Arts Guild

75 Arbor Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025

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