NatWest Garstang: An Overview of Operating Hours and Services

NatWest Garstang: An Overview of Operating Hours and Services

NatWest Garstang: An Overview of Operating Hours and Services

NatWest Garstang is one of the many branches of the National Westminster Bank, which is a popular banking institute in the United Kingdom. The NatWest Garstang branch is located in the north-west of England, within the county of Lancashire. This branch provides many facilities and services to cater to the banking needs of its customers. In this article, we will discuss the operating hours and services offered by the NatWest Garstang branch to give you an overview of what you can expect when you visit.

Operating Hours

NatWest Garstang operates from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. On Saturdays, the bank operates from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The branch is closed on Sundays and bank holidays. However, NatWest Garstang offers 24/7 online banking services and telephone banking services, allowing customers to manage their accounts outside of the regular operating hours.

Services Offered

NatWest Garstang offers a wide range of services to its customers. The services offered range from personal banking to business banking, and additional services such as currency exchange and insurance advice.

Personal Banking

Through personal banking, NatWest Garstang allows customers to manage their finances and banking needs. One of the services offered includes current accounts, thereby helping customers to manage their money effectively. Additionally, savings accounts help customers save money, allowing them to earn interest on their savings. NatWest Garstang also offers mortgage services for those looking to purchase a home and loan services for those who need to borrow money.

Business Banking

NatWest Garstang provides business banking services through its Garstang branch, helping businesses to manage their finances and make transactions. The business banking service offers services such as business accounts and online banking for businesses of all sizes. It also offers business loan services, helping businesses to grow and expand through lending. Additionally, it also provides insurance services to businesses for their protection.

Currency Exchange

NatWest Garstang also offers currency exchange services to customers, making it easy for them to change currencies for travel purposes. Currency exchange services allow customers to exchange currencies, and NatWest Garstang offers many foreign currencies to choose from.

Insurance Advice

In addition to banking services, NatWest Garstang also offers insurance advice. Insurance advice can be essential for customers, who may require insurance for their homes, travel, or car. Insurance can provide peace of mind and security, and NatWest Garstang offers insurance advice to help customers make informed choices that are appropriate for their needs.

Moreover, NatWest Garstang has a team of professionals who are skilled and experienced in providing banking services, and they can guide customers through the various services on offer. The team can help customers open accounts, manage their finances, and make important financial decisions. Furthermore, the bank offers online banking services, allowing customers to access their accounts and make transactions when it’s convenient.

In conclusion

Overall, NatWest Garstang has many services on offer, from personal banking to business banking, currency exchange, and insurance advice. The operating hours are convenient, and the bank offers online and telephone banking services, making banking easy and accessible. The branch has a team of professionals who can help customers with their banking needs, providing assistance, and guidance at every step. If you need banking services in Garstang, NatWest Garstang is a reliable option to consider.

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