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The "old shop" of
Ted Megas
© Frank Ford, 2000; Photos by FF, 2000

Ted's shop is at a, well, er, low traffic intersection in San Francisco:

In fact, it's more of a no traffic intersection:

Right down the street is the City Lunch:

OK, so it's not a high class neighborhood.

That's why his front entrance is what you might call "low key"

Looking out from his front door, you can see Candlestick Park:

Inside, you can see Ted Megas, with his latest creation:

It's a blue archtop guitar, similar to the one he made for the Chinery Collection.

Wow! Just look at that quilted maple:

Later, I'll clue you into Ted's secret for finding wood of this quality.

The cocobolo fittings really set off the colored finish:

The figured koa binding really pairs up well also:

Ted even makes his own tuner buttons to match:

In fact, he makes most everything himself, including many of his specialized tools. He told me that he had difficulty in obtaining truly quartersawn ebony fingerboards; he buys heavy billets of ebony so he can resaw them himself.



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