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Yet Another use for pipette bulbs:

Somehow, I'm always losing the little cap that comes with the tube of exterior caulk. If I don't actually lose the cap, it doesn't fit because of the way I've cut the spout. While painting my garage in the summer of '99, I needed to cap off my caulking gun for a few days, so I tried this little trick.

Snip the bulb:

Hold it over the nose of the caulk tube:

Pump the bulb full of caulk:

Then, after releasing the plunger, the new "cap" won't squirt off:

After a week, the caulk was fresh as new. I don't know for sure, but I think this method traps more solvent so the caulk stays fresh longer than it would with the original cap.

Here's one I found in an old violin case:

The professional violinist who owned this instrument did some of his own setup work. He either didn't have, or didn't like either of the two traditional violin soundpost setting tools at the top of this picture:

He made his own very effective soundpost setter from a regular pair of kitchen tongs! Very clever, and a good reminder that it pays to keep your eyes and mind open!

For Gryphon's T-shirt display rack, our office manager, Nancy, came up with this bit of CD-ROM recycling:


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